Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Time

To try and convey to you the intensity of emotions that are going through me right now is nearly impossible. My head is a mess. I can't decide whether to be excited, scared out of my mind, or indifferent to the matter (as indifferent as one can be!). However, the fact is I will be boarding an airplane in about 15 hours. I will be leaving everything I know and everyone I love behind...or at least, the pessimistic part of me thinks so. The reality is that I will be connected to home throughout this entire year. Facebook, e-mail, and my new best friend, Skype, will allow me to never quite forget my loved ones...So, don't worry ;)

Look at that, I'm being all positive. As my mother can attest to, I have never been one to look at the glass as half, this is an improvement already!

Here is a note of advice to those Rotary Outbounds that will be following in my footsteps shortly: PACK EARLY. Do not leave this until two days before you leave. Thankfully, I did not, but even with the week that I gave myself, I still found this task to be incredibly stressful. I thought packing would be kind of fun--it's always been a task I enjoyed. However, packing for a year is NOT fun. My two bags are currently at a solid 67-ish pounds, with a 70-pound limit. Mind you, I still have to put in my toiletries. I will be seriously lucky if I manage to get these beasts through check-in tomorrow.

Alright, I am going to keep this entry short. I love you all and I can't wait to stay in touch throughout the year. I would love to hear from you--whether through this, an e-mail, or better yet, a letter! Good luck to everyone, whether you are college-bound, Rotary-bound, or any other -bound! Thanks for all your support.

Tchau e beijos



  1. Carly, you're gonna have an incredible time! I'm so excited to hear and see all your adventures. Don't waste all your time blogging though. So yeah, I don't actually have anything significant to say but wish you safe and wonderful travels!

  2. GOOD CARLY! You are going to have the best year. I look forward to keeping in touch.


  3. Carly GOOD LUCK!
    It's all gonna be a blast. Don't even worry. I can't wait to see your first post from Brazil

  4. Boa sorte Carly!! I still can't believe it is time for you!! You'll do wonderfully, and have an AMAZING time! have fun in winter!!
    beijos :)

  5. Carly.

    Traverse some space to spread the VERDE VIDA, dedicated to environmental causes and humanistic. Visit us.

    Tank you.

  6. too much fun!! i caught that!! i caught that!!