Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Brazilian December

Hello, everyone! I have returned from my one-month-long "viagem". Best. Trip. Of. My. Life. I spent 28 days on a bus with 51 other exchange students from 16 countries living in all different parts of Brazil. There's no real way to put into words everything that happened this past month, but over the next month or so, I am going to try. I will update my blog every few days with a new story from my trip and some new pictures. I don't have the patience (and neither do you) to go through an entire trip in one blog post. However, before I start in on my trip, I am going to just make a few other comments about things.

1) Christmas? What?
That's kind of how I am feeling right now. I spent my afternoon laying outside in my bikini reading Harry Potter in about 90 degree heat. I was listening to Christmas music, thinking that it would help me get in the spirit, but it just didn't feel right. I have never experienced a Christmas without at least some snow, cold weather, hot chocolate, and, of course, my family. It's hard for me to feel connected to the holiday when I feel so far from it. Christmas, for me, is at home in Northfield with the two-feet of snow and my loved ones. However, I am trying my best to appreciate the "season" here in Brazil. But, honestly, it's hard not to laugh when you walk into a shopping mall and see a bearded, Brazilian man dressed up as Santa Clause surrounded by fake snow.

2) TODAY IS THE DAY! Isn't that right, future RYE Outbounds of 2011-2012? I just got off the phone with my dad hoping to talk with my brother and find out which country he will be traveling to next year. However, my dad informed me that the letter was in his hands, but that my brother, in typical fashion, was out snowboarding. I tried convincing my dad to just open the letter, but he refused. So, as of now I still do not know where he will be going. I cannot even begin to explain how bizarre this is for me. I remember the day that I found out I was coming to Brazil like it was yesterday. I can literally describe that entire day to you. I won't, but just know that I can. Time can really screw with you. Keep that in mind, future Outbounds. At this moment, holding that letter in your hand, your departure to your country will feel like ages away. You are probably on your way to the computer to start researching everything you can about your new home, or creeping on the photos of the current Outbound who is there now. It's exciting, isn't it? Be excited. Be more excited than you think is normal, because you are just about to embark on the rest of your life. This country where you will be traveling to (before you know it...seriously) will change you forever. It will become part of you for the rest of your life. Congrats on making the best decision of your lives by choosing to be a Rotary exchange student! Parabens!

My only warning is this: time will go faster than you will be able to understand until you are five months into your exchange. So, be excited and start preparing for your exchange, but don't forget you are still in Northfield. You still have to get through school and you want to be able to enjoy your time with your friends and family while you are still on the same continent.

Alright, so once again, CONGRATS to Northfield's new group of RYE Outbounds! I cannot wait to hear about where you all are going. PLEASE if any of you have any questions, concerns, etc. send me an e-mail at carly.davidson23@gmail.com or a Facebook message. I would love to hear from you. Plus, I am on my summer vacation so I have plenty of time to spare ;)

To all of my blog-readers, I will have my first trip update soon. As in the next day or two. I promise!

Feliz Natal, beijos do Brasil